Geneus Release notes

Geneus release notes

Our Team of Geneus developers regularly release new functionality to the Geneus platform.

They are determined that the platform is the best it can be. For this reason, Geneus is constantly evolving to meet the current and future needs of our existing clients and industry at large.

Geneus Release Notes

Release 74: 08-Oct-16
  • Default redirects set up for when url’s are mis-typed, meaning users will always find the page they are looking for.
  • Users can now hide product information / attributes when they are not deemed relevant, thus customising their view for an improved user experience.
  • Refrigeration category now added to the Supplier profile, enabling more (complex) products to be categorised.
Release 73: 24-Sep-16
  • Company name of the buyer is now included on the Enquiries page, making it easier for suppliers to identify who is purchasing their goods.
  • New reporting functionality enables users to track ‘active enquiries’.
Release 72: 10-Sep-16
  • Quicker and easier for suppliers to respond to enquiries now that cost is automatically imported from the catalogue.
  • New reporting functionality features surcharges and discounts.
Release 71: 27-Aug-16 – Asset Management
  • Geneus Asset Management module provides a single source of truth for all assets, enabling business users to stay compliant by keeping track of asset location, emissions, certification, licences and even expiring warranties. Can be deployed as a standalone solution or fully integrated into the other Geneus modules, providing a seamless integration from requisition to purchase, tracking, management and reporting of the asset.
Release 70: 13-Aug-16
  • Buyers are now able to customise products at any point of the purchase process, including after an enquiry has been made.
Release 69: 30-Jul-16
  • Enquiry product pricing sub-totals for Suppliers are now displayed
  • Auto import functionality of customisation pricing from the catalogue
  • Improved visibility of customised pricing with unit prices for each customisation shown in the summary section of the Supplier response page to an enquiry, and updated in real-time.
  • Simplified enquiry form for buyers to check and approve once suppliers have responded to initial enquiry. All information to be completed is now on one page rather than across three separate tabs.
  • Surcharge, discount and any other applicable cost adjustments are now visible in the subtotals summary of the Supplier response page to an enquiry, and updated in real-time.