Geneus Release notes

Geneus release notes

Our Team of Geneus developers regularly release new functionality to the Geneus platform.

They are determined that the platform is the best it can be. For this reason, Geneus is constantly evolving to meet the current and future needs of our existing clients and industry at large.

Geneus Release Notes

Release 113: 21-May-18

Product Details & Search Results page upgrade

  • Results are now accessible in a list view
  • Product information now in a tabulated format and contains additional columns
  • Existing picture/panel view has been upgraded to show additional fields

Reporting changes – addition of group by item and totals per customer-defined financial year

  • Order Value Summary
  • Order Value Data
Release 92: 01-Jul-17
  • Update Create a Product User Interface: The User Experience has been updated on the Product Creation page
  • Email templates upgrade: The User Experience has been upgraded for default email templates
Release 91: 17-Jun-17
  • Create new Report for User Registration and Logins: As an upgrade to the logins report, additional granularity of data is now available that this report pulls from the system
  • Allow stock API to receive batch updates: A third party developer is now able to send stock record updates to the Geneus stock API in bulk. By delivering this upgrade it is easier and more efficient to integrate with existing client stock management systems
  • Upgrade hover boxes to dialogs – product customisations and variants: A product manager is now able to amend products more simply through the easy-to-use interface for managing the variants and customisations on a product
Release 89: 20-May-17
  • New pricing status to control purchasing: A pricing manager is now able to temporarily prevent users from purchasing a product. In this way, users can still see pricing for planning purposes but are unable to buy.
  • Enforce minimum lead time in cart checkout: A cart order manager is now able to prevent users from requesting delivery dates earlier than the minimum lead times specified on products’ pricing
Release 88.1: 10-May-17
  • Centralise messages on enquiries to suppliers: A new “View Messages” option has been added against each supplier of a product on an enquiry. The enquiry manager can review all the messages sent to/from the supplier concerning a product
Release 88: 08-May-17
  • Product Data Report: An upgrade of the granularity and detail of information held within the Product Data Report reporting tool
  • Implement ‘quick enquiry’ generically: A simpler experience when reviewing/managing and preparing to check-out a “quick enquiry” to one supplier