The Solution

G-Quotes is an intuitive online quote-building tool, certified by Coupa for their customers to use within its business spend management (BSM) platform. G-Quotes compliments Coupa by enabling businesses to automate the purchasing of any type of spend where Coupa users currently have to manually create a purchase requisition. This is typically services such as maintenance and repairs, print and media, marketing, IT and professional services, and more. This partnership bridges the gap between the eCommerce needs of suppliers and the Enterprise’s requirements to extend and increase the levels of purchasing-automation within their organisation.

Through a standardised connection with the Coupa requisition API, G-Quotes enables buyers to brief suppliers on SOW requirements, suppliers to respond by building and sending quotations – for any type of service or item – and buyers to then automatically convert the quotations into detailed and accurate purchase requisitions in their Coupa solution. Enterprises can lock-down agreed rate cards to ensure contract compliance and significantly reduce the amount of administration required by buyers to create Purchase Orders.

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G-Quotes Subscribers

Find out how our partnership can help you

    Find out how our partnership can help you