By Frank Treanor Complex Spend IT & Technology ProProcure Suppliers 5th June 2019

BUCKINGHAMSHIRE, UK, 5th June 2019 – ProProcure Ltd, a Procurement technology provider, today announces the launch of its new online quote-building tool – G-Quotes – that has been designed to connect service-providers to their customers’ eProcurement systems and enable Enterprises to automate the purchasing of services.

Recognising a growing problem for suppliers as more enterprises invest in eProcurement solutions, ProProcure has developed a tool that bridges the gap: a solution that complements this investment by enabling enterprises to extend purchasing automation to include spend on services such as maintenance and repairs (MRO), IT and software development, marketing services, print and technical services. G-Quotes automatically converts supplier quotations into purchase requisitions in an eProcurement system using PunchOut or API connections and provides suppliers with the tools to not only build and send quotations but to catalogue their services, products and rate cards.

Frank Treanor, CEO of ProProcure, says of the launch,I couldn’t be happier with the quality of this product and the exceptional value it delivers to suppliers and their enterprise customers. G-Quotes is highly intuitive, low-cost, and designed for a mobile world. The reaction from subscribers has been phenomenal and all credit must go to our fantastic team here for their hard work in turning G-Quotes from an idea into a fully-formed product which connects so easily with any P2P solution.

With the global spend management market valued at more than $20 billion, and with procurement departments under increasing pressure to not only invest in P2P technology but to expand the scope of automation to include all categories of spend, having the ability to automate the requisition and PO creation process for services will be an invaluable advantage to businesses all over the world. Suppliers involved in the roll-out process have commented on the “easy adoption” of the tool and say that it is “extremely simple to populate a quotation and send through to clients”.

Frank goes on to say,The results from our soft launch at the beginning of this year are amazing. Buyers are no longer wasting time manually creating requisitions – just one click converts a quotation for even highly complex proposals into detailed purchase orders. Suppliers are building quotations and receiving purchase orders far more quickly than before, meaning they deliver their services and get paid faster than ever – all of this for a low monthly subscription. It’s a win-win for everyone.


Watch the video below or click here to find out more about the product.


Established in 2000, ProProcure is a SaaS business helping large enterprises to accurately forecast and aggregate internal demand for complex items and services. Geneus – our easy to use cloud-based platform – compliments any P2P solution by enabling businesses to catalogue more complex areas of spend, typically spend on capital equipment and marketing materials – such as point of sale materials (POS) and value-added packaging (VAPs) which can be notoriously complex and highly configurable. Not only does Geneus enable enterprises to unlock hidden value within additional categories of spend, but also to sharpen their growth strategies by focusing expenditure on goods and services which have the highest impact on changing customer behaviour.

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