We use ProProcure’s platform to manage approved marketing collateral for the various Pernod Ricard brands and the purchasing of these materials from our preferred supplier network. We also co-ordinate regional procurement using the in-built order aggregation tools and can measure our cost savings in real time.” – Pernod Ricard

Increase Sales, Control Spend & Protect Your Brand

Achieve cost savings, compliance and efficiency in your business with our fully-integrated system. With its consumer-style eCatalogue, Geneus provides a user-friendly way to configure and purchase even the most complex items. What’s more, your teams only have access to approved suppliers and pre-agreed prices, so you can eliminate off-contract spend.

100% supply chain compliance

Lock-down a network of approved suppliers with pre-agreed contracts and pricing

100% spend visibility

Capture all marketing expenditure, including spend on POS and VAP materials

Lower price points

Enable volume aggregation through demand planning and co-ordinated buying activities

Brand consistency

Remove the risk of local markets purchasing inferior quality materials

Maximise investment

Seamless integration with existing P2P, ERP and CRM systems

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