Empower your customers to convert your e-quotes into purchase orders

G-Quotes is the quote-building solution for suppliers that connects via PunchOut to any procurement system used by your customers. Replace unnecessary order processing with automation and spend more time growing your business!

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With no technical skills or training required, you can subscribe, connect and start sending quotations in less than a day!

  • 7-day free trial
  • No set-up costs and no long term commitment, just a monthly subscription
  • 2 months subscription completely free when you are using G-Quotes to trade* with 2 or more Customers
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How G-Quotes can help

Taking the hassle out of the quote-to-order process

Create and send quotations to your customers over the web!

Enterprises are expecting their Suppliers to digitise the quote-to-order process by integrating quotes with their P2P platform. Suppliers must adapt to meet industry expectations or risk losing business to those that do. Your challenge is how? One option is to consider G-Quotes – the PunchOut Catalogue and Quote-building application for all Suppliers.

G-Quotes offers Suppliers a low cost, low commitment solution to overcome this challenge. It’s simple to use (no technical skills or training required) and with no set-up fees, you can subscribe, connect and start sending quotations in less than 1 day!

To find out how G-Quotes has helped B2B suppliers you can read our case studies here

Our clients results

Increasing your business productivity and sales


Faster to receive purchase orders


Accurate Purchase Orders


Reduction in buyer administration

The Benefits

Subscribing to G-Quotes gives your business:

5x faster purchase orders

Improved customer relationships by supporting their digital transformation

A scalable solution to connect with any of your customers eProcurement systems

Increased efficiencies by removing all manual administration

Remove data inconsistencies and errors in purchase orders

Increased visibility and tracking of quotations across customers

How does it work?

A simple, smart solution to increase sales-automation

G-Quotes uses standard PunchOut technology to extend sales-automation to all types of Suppliers. After Subscribing, you’ll be guided through a simple setup process which is a one-off task per customer. Your customer will be notified via email to complete the setup on their side and from there, you are ready to start trading.  It really is that simple!

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Step 1 / 5

Connect - Invite your customers to G-Quotes by entering their email address

Step 2 / 5

Create Quote - An intuitive quote building tool with easy navigation that guides you through the process of creating a quotation and sending it to your customer

Step 3 / 5

Add costs - Add catalogued and non-catalogued costs for any service or item to your quotations

Step 4 / 5

Send Quotes - Send quotes directly to your customer who can approve and raise a requisition in their chosen eProcurement system

Step 5 / 5

Monitor - Track the status of your quotations and easily identify those that may require a follow up

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What do our customers say?

As a provider of translation services, Trustpoint was surprised when a client asked us to create a punchout catalog to use in Ariba. Our pricing depends on so many variables: the number of words, types of languages, formatting requirements, and turnaround time – things our clients cannot estimate on their own. With G-Quotes, we build custom quotes to meet our clients’ needs and send them directly into Ariba for approval. The streamlined process saves our clients from manual data entry, and we receive purchase orders in four minutes, rather than four days! This makes a huge difference for timely translations.
Trustpoint.One, Professional Services
G-Quotes has been easy to adopt and has worked as intended without issues. It is extremely simple to populate a quotation and send through to my clients.
Touch Media, Marketing Event Agency
Since using G-Quotes, 70% of the time we get a PO on the same day or the day after sending a quotation. This process used to take a week – there is definitely a reduction in time!
H&B Contracts Ltd, Scaffolding and Access Specialists
G-Quotes has been a fantastic tool as it is very easy for us and for our clients to use. We raise the quote and once reviewed by the client, in less than a couple of hours we already have the PO’s in our system. The low-cost monthly subscription means the tool is easily affordable too. Thank you ProProcure!
Industrias Ruiz, Maintenance, Repair and Operations

Simplify your process today

Start your free trial today to receive exclusive benefits:

  • 7-day free trial
  • No set-up costs and no long term commitment, just a monthly subscription
  • 2 months subscription completely free when you are using G-Quotes to trade* with 2 or more Customers
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To find out further information you can visit our website to review a full list of FAQs or to chat online with a representative from our Customer Success team!

If you’re still not sure that G-Quotes is right for you, why not book a free 20 minute consultation with a member of our Customer Engagement team here

*offer applies to your first years subscription only.

**trade means to create a PunchOut connection and send quotations to 2 unique enterprise customers

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