Automating purchasing continues to be among the top priorities across Procurement leaders and with over 58% of any given Enterprise’ spend typically falling under Services, Suppliers are coming to expect to provide digital quotations.

Have you considered your current Procurement transformation strategy and how you are managing your Service spend in your chosen P2P?

Supplier PunchOut catalogues are a proven success for purchasing products, G-Quotes uniquely allows you to extend PunchOut to purchase Services:

  • Business users can transfer detailed supplier quotations into a basket of goods in the chosen P2P system shopping cart
  • Connect to any supplier with a G-Quotes account – at zero cost to the Enterprise!
  • Simple, standardized PunchOut protocol
  • Proven use-cases in all spend categories and markets

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Buyer Features

Connect services suppliers to your eProcurement system

Purchase items via PunchOut catalogue

Receive digital quotations

Automatically transfer supplier quotations back to your P2P shopping cart

Subscription management

Forward quotations for review prior to acceptance


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