The online quote-building tool that connects service providers to their customers’ eProcurement systems and enables Enterprises to automate the purchasing of services.

Whether you’re a Supplier looking to receive new Purchase Orders faster than ever, or an Enterprise looking to automatically convert supplier quotations into purchase requisitions in your eProcurement system, G-Quotes is the tool for you!

Automate the quote-to-order process for any category of spend

Maintenance, Repairs & Operations

Maintenance and repairs of factories, offices and other business sites is often a time-sensitive service where any delays could have a detrimental impact on productivity. These suppliers typically provide hundreds of quotations in an Excel format, all of which need to be reviewed by the buyer and manually keyed into Coupa as a requisition. Using G-Quotes automates this entire process and means the service can be carried out in a time-effective manner.

Marketing Services

Brand campaigns and marketing events often require complex Purchase Orders consisting of multiple service types, equipment, licenses, and location hire. Event Agencies will typically build quotations in a word or excel document which is then shared with various customer stakeholders before being accepted and a purchase requisition created. By using G-Quotes to build these quotations, agencies can send detailed, rich information to buyers who can automatically turn it into a requisition.

IT Services

When purchasing software development services, knowledge and expertise lies with the supplier. The buyer knows the end result that they would like but does not know the aspects and time it would take to complete the project, meaning that the supplier needs to provide detailed quotations with a break-down of costs. Doing so with G-Quotes will remove any manual data entry by the buyer once a quotation is accepted.

Print & Media Services

Often buyers have limited knowledge about print and how point of sale materials are made meaning they are unable to specify their exact requirements to the supplier. Each print order typically has a number of unique customisations – which makes it more suitable to a dynamic quotation process where the central team at the buying organisation has visibility over the category and can control contract compliance.

Renewable Technologies

A service where the knowledge lies with the supplier to determine the cost of a request, even where there’s a Master Services Agreement (MSA) in place. Building a dynamic quotation for renewable technology services using G-Quotes means that the buyer spends less time creating a requisition in Coupa and the service can be completed faster.

Hear what G-Quotes subscribers are saying:

“G-Quotes has been easy to adopt and has worked as intended without issues. It is extremely simple to populate a quotation and send through to my clients.” – Touch Media, Marketing Event Agency

“Since using G-Quotes, 70% of the time we get a PO on the same day or the day after sending a quotation. This process used to take a week – there is definitely a reduction in time!” – H&B Contracts Ltd, Scaffolding and Access Specialists



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