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Your free online catalogue solution

At ProProcure, we’re trusted by businesses all over the world to simplify their complex supply chains and processes using Geneus, our cloud-based solution. For suppliers, bringing commerce online in this way is key to boosting sales in today’s world.

We’ve previously written about the importance of digitising product ranges in order to provide customers with a streamlined and automated purchasing experience. In an ever-more commoditised and competitive commercial landscape, digital adaptation is vital for businesses wanting to gain a strategic advantage.

In short, this means developing a digital strategy that makes every process across your operation engaging, intuitive and cost-effective for your stakeholders. This is a strategy already well-established in B2C commerce, however for many manufacturers, this transformation of digital processes has been less immediate.

Digitised business comes to the supplier sector

For B2B businesses, now is the time to adapt – or risk losing out. According to the ONS, in 2017, 77% of adults in Great Britain had bought goods or services online in the past twelve months; in that time, B2B companies experienced an upturn in their customers expecting the same streamlined buying experience (ITProPortal).

The benefits of implementing a digitised process between manufacturers and retailers are impossible to ignore. With an improved and accessible workflow, B2B customers have real-time access to product information and availability, can customise their purchase, view pricing options and place orders when it most suits them. Add to this that many of the people engaging with your workflow now expect two-way digital communication and an online catalogue becomes a clear way to better serve your customers – and keep them coming back.

At ProProcure, we can help you bring your product range online today.

Showcase your products with Geneus Freemium

As the online catalogue solution for suppliers, Geneus is a cloud-based eCommerce platform that helps suppliers to showcase their product range and collaborate with their customers. One of the major draws of Geneus is that it enables you to digitise a complex product range through the use of a fully branded consumer-style eCatalogue. What’s more, our Freemium offering enables you to connect with your customers and prospects directly, turning it into the perfect sales tool.

Geneus Freemium enables you to:

  • Engage with customers via a customised homepage
  • Showcase your products with multiple images and videos
  • Invite customers to login and view specific products and pricing
  • Provide your team with access to your eCatalogue to drive sales
  • Share your company profile and develop new relationships
  • Achieve streamlined and centralised communications with inbuilt messaging
  • And more!
  • Upgrade to Geneus Premium to take advantage of additional features.

Bringing together innovation and collaboration in the supply chain, Geneus is the ideal solution for showcasing complex products and boosting sales.

To find out more about digitising your product range and revolutionising your business, contact us today and create your eCatalogue.



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