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In the quick-serve food market, successful brands are well versed in the need for consistency, quality and speed. But in a highly-competitive foodservice environment with ever-shrinking margins, is this enough? As well as maintaining counter speeds and offering great customer-service experiences, brands are becoming more aware of the need to streamline their operation to stay ahead. One way to do this is to get quicker at opening new outlets.

But how can foodservice brands open new outlets more quickly, maintain standards and brand consistency, and still achieve cost savings? The answer can be found not at the counter, but in both direct and indirect categories of spend, where quickserve brands can find cost savings and efficiencies in their supplier network.

Achieve efficiency and cost savings with technology

Foodservice brands can capitalise on this opportunity with a technological solution: a “one-stop-shop” for all front of house and back of house equipment, smallwares, uniforms, cleaning products and marketing materials.

Increasingly, the path to efficiencies and savings can be found in these categories of spend. For foodservice brands, these are considerable costs with a complexity that can make change difficult. This is particularly the case when it comes to franchisees opening new outlets.

With a technology-based approach to procurement, foodservice brands can not only open new outlets more quickly, but can do so with a streamlined, cost-saving system in place. From greater efficiency to brand consistency and growth, the benefits to adopting this approach with a platform like Geneus – an eMarketplace solution for purchasing optimisation – are far-ranging. As such, we’ve taken a look at some of the key areas of concern for foodservice brands, and how these can be addressed with an eProcurement solution.

Brand Protection

In the increasingly competitive quick-serve food market, maintaining a consistent brand experience for customers across all outlets is vital. This can be achieved with ease by purchasing all equipment, furniture, food supplies, marketing – everything – through a centralised, approved supply chain.

Increased Market Share

One of the simplest ways to entice new franchisees to want to open outlets under a brand is to remove the perceived barriers to success. One such barrier is spend management and the associated time, learning and costs involved.

Provide the tools required to open outlets in the most time and cost-effective way and a brand becomes a far more attractive option to new franchisees. Geneus enables restaurant managers to simplify their transactional activity and get up and running in the most straightforward and cost-effective way possible.

Cost Savings

A technology-based solution to foodservice procurement also enables demand aggregation across all franchisees. This enables co-ordinated buying activities and alerts users to cost-saving opportunities. One central purchasing eMarketplace for all franchisees not only drives cost savings but streamlines the entire process.

Time Savings

To increase market share and achieve growth, speed is of the essence for foodservice brands, and is particularly true when it comes to franchisees opening new outlets. This process can be accelerated by providing users with a ‘one-stop-stop’ eMarketplace for all the equipment and smallwares needed to open a new location. With everything covered from front-of-house equipment, back-of-house equipment, workwear and cleaning chemicals, franchisees can open quickly and easily while maintaining brand consistency.

Going one step further, Geneus also offers a ‘store-in-a-box’ concept, which brings smart configuration to procurement – making the opening process even more streamlined. Using an online marketplace, franchisees can access an approved supply chain for all of the equipment required to open a new outlet, no matter how complex. Guided buying of highly configurable or complex equipment supports the user through the purchasing journey, and ensures mandatory items are selected where necessary.

To find out how your foodservice brand could benefit from speedier outlet openings, take a look at our powerful eMarketplace solution.

With increasing competition in the marketplace and higher consumer demand for quality, it’s clear foodservice brands need to adapt their operation beyond the menu in order to boost their bottom line and maintain their brand experience. Technology provides the answer.

By providing all franchisees with one central place from which to purchase from an agreed network of suppliers, brands can reduce the time taken to open new outlets and remove the risk of human error associated with manual operations. This ‘one-stop-shop’ approach centralises, simplifies and speeds up the opening process – and puts growth back on the menu.

To find out more about how Geneus for Foodservice can help you achieve time and cost savings, contact us today.


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