Geneus CPQ brings smart configuration to procurement. It enables the guided buying of highly configurable or complex equipment, such as the bill of materials to fit-out a new restaurant. Enterprise users experience a simple purchase requisition process, which includes configuration options for complex products, approval workflows and real-time cost calculations. As a supplier using CPQ, you can automate catalogue uploads and updates, enjoy a simple and intuitive selling process, and benefit from error-free order processing.

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Feature by feature

Supplier-maintained content

Suppliers can easily set configuration options for complex products, and upload kits and bundles of tangible products and services.

Guided buying

A simple, intuitive user-experience for business users and suppliers alike, guided the requisitioner through a step-by-step configuration process.

Intelligent pricing algorithms

Real-time cost calculation as the buyer configures the product, enabling detailed requisition data to be delivered from Geneus to other business system.

On-the-fly recalculation

Real-time on-the-fly recalculation providing the buyer flexibility to amend configurations to meet budget requirements.

Bill of materials

A detailed accurate break-down of the required configuration to ensure error-free order processing.

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