Geneus Engage enables the co-ordination of buying activities within a supply chain. Benefit from tools that enable interactive new product development, automated demand forecasting and planned group-buying events. So whether you’re an enterprise looking to achieve lower price points through volume aggregation, or a supplier looking to improve manufacturing capability through larger volumes, you can utilise Engage for operational demand planning to deliver process efficiencies and optimise volume savings.

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Feature by feature

Interactive new product development

An automated digital workflow for developing any new product or service to identify, share and develop ideas across all stakeholders.

Demand forecasting

Automated, intuitive mechanism for aggregating category demand for indirect and direct categories of expenditure, no matter how complex.


Seamlessly invite suppliers from the preferred network to tender for finalised specifications. Review and analyse supplier quotations, lock-down pricing, and publish to eCatalogue.

Transaction Aggregator

Automated and co-ordinated “crowd-purchasing” process for business users to achieve best unit price through volume aggregation.

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