How can Geneus help your Consumer Goods business

Geneus provides optimisation, efficiency and growth for enterprises and suppliers in the consumer goods industry by providing the tools to effectively manage capital expenditure and configurable point of sale marketing materials.

Stakeholders will reap the benefits of lower costs and increased sales through volume aggregation, improved compliance, and complete visibility across the buying and selling process.

As an enterprise, maintain global brand consistency in the true sense whilst achieving volume-driven cost savings. Geneus unlocks the power to co-ordinate group buying events, enabling multiple markets to respond to an aggregated buying opportunity: to consolidate volumes and attain the lowest prices.

Boost sales and gain a competitive advantage with an intuitive eCatalogue to effectively manage and configure even the most complex of products. As approved sellers with agreed contracts you can improve efficiency by automating your sales process, removing the need for manual and over-complicated purchase requisitions.

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