How can Geneus help your Foodservice business

A complex supply chain doesn’t have to be complicated.

Geneus centralises the procurement process and benefits every stakeholder. It enables brands to grow, equipment manufacturers to achieve volume of sales, and provides a simplified buying and selling process for outlets and distributors.

Geneus enables brands to eliminate off-contract spend, reduce risk and increase market share whilst ensuring a consistent brand experience for your customers. By creating an approved network for your outlets to buy from, and capturing indirect spend, Geneus can unlock the hidden value in your supply chain.

Geneus – co-ordinated purchasing at your fingertips.

If you’re an equipment manufacturer looking to increase market share and boost sales, Geneus can help. Using our intuitive eCatalogue, you can digitise your range and showcase your products, providing you with the perfect sales tool to lock down pre-negotiated pricing and enable your distribution network to sell online.

Distributors representing equipment manufacturers love Geneus too. As part of the approved supplier network, you can purchase equipment from OEMs at an agreed market price, then set your price to sell directly to your customers. Geneus gives you full and transparent collaboration across your sales network, unlocking opportunities by making it easier for your customers to purchase your products.

Fitting-out a new restaurant or refurbishing an existing one can be complicated and error-prone. With our store-in-a-box concept, outlets access the approved supply chain in the simplest, most time and cost-effective way possible for all back and front of house equipment, including furniture, uniforms and more. Benefit from a single guided buying experience to configure and purchase the equipment you need to open a new restaurant.

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