Meet supplier, Francesca

Francesca is a supplier to the enterprise. To handle all the ad hoc enquiries from business users in markets around the world, she has employed more people in the customer service team. However she has now been challenged by the customer to improve her pricing and to streamline the buying process.

As a result of using Geneus, Francesca:

Aggregates demand

Achieves manufacturing efficiencies

Boosts sales

Francesca loves Geneus because it:

Shows all the options, variants and associated prices for every product.

Connects her company’s product database with Geneus using an API.

Receives orders automatically, confirms delivery options and provides order status updates to the customer.

Receives detailed demand forecasts so she can aggregate orders and provide a better price to her customers.

How can Geneus help you in your role?

Geneus is loved by teams at:

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