Meet Head of Procurement, Mitesh

For Mitesh, success is measured by cost savings achieved across all types of company expenditure. To allow his team to spend more time on procurement strategy and unlock value in the supply chain, he needs to reduce the time spent supporting the purchasing activities of other departments.

As a result of using Geneus, Mitesh:

Increased contract compliance

Elevated cost savings

Improved his team’s time management & productivity

Mitesh loves Geneus because it:

Provides his internal customers and contracted suppliers with an intuitive eCatalogue for the purchase of all types of goods and services, even highly-configurable materials.

Ensures supplier contract terms are locked down and can’t be changed without approval.

Proactively alerts business users to cost savings opportunities through order aggregation and supplier discounts.

Enables the business to accurately forecast demand and negotiate the best value for the company.

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