IT Management

According to McKinsey & Co, only 41% of tasks associated with placing orders can be automated with existing technology. Due to the complex nature of Services, order-processing relies on high levels of manual intervention. As a supplier-funded technology, G-Quotes provides IT with a zero-cost solution to extend purchase-automation to Services, which equates to 58% of external spend.

Key considerations for IT when evaluating G-Quotes

Zero-cost to enterprise

Proven Use-Cases

Utilises Punch-Out

IT Teams should approve G-Quotes because:

Supplier's G-Quotes accounts are simply connected to the enterprise P2P in the same way as a punch-out catalogue

Very simple to retrieve quotations. No user-training required

Immediate productivity gains, and PO's for services raised 5x more quickly

Advanced integration and data mapping options are available if needed in the future

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