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Meet business user, Constantine

Constantine works in one of the company’s many offices and her job involves purchasing a wide range of products and services for the company. She is frustrated with the cumbersome purchasing system she has to use, because it has eCatalogues with limited supplier content, and it cannot handle complex categories and product configuration. She ends up having to bypass the system, which wastes her time and occasionally results in errors and confusion with the supplier.

As a result of using Geneus, Constantine:

Delivers cost savings

Reduces time spent on manual processes

Removes the risk of errors and confusion

Constantine loves Geneus because it:

Makes it simple for her to configure and purchase products/services using a highly intuitive, Amazon-style experience.

Allows suppliers to upload products which have multiple parts and multiple variants.

Lets her provide feedback on, and rate the service provided by, the supplier.

Allows her to co-operate with her colleagues to aggregate demand and develop new products to deliver cost savings and bottom-line growth.

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