How can Geneus help your Enterprise

Achieve cost savings, compliance and efficiency in your business with our fully-integrated system. With its consumer-style eCatalogue, Geneus provides a user-friendly way to configure and purchase even the most complex items. What’s more, your teams only have access to approved suppliers and pre-agreed prices, so you can eliminate off-contract spend. Add to that volume aggregation, and you can enhance your purchasing power with co-ordinated buying.

Improve compliance

Reduce risk and increase time spent on value-added tasks by purchasing only from approved suppliers with agreed contracts and prices.

Enhance spend visibility

Across your entire operation, expenditure can be captured and brought under control with full visibility of the buying process.

Ensure high user adoption

Geneus users enjoy an intuitive, consumer-style eCatalogue. Our eCommerce experience is simple to configure, making it easy to purchase products, provide supplier feedback and manage complex items.

Optimise profit

By eliminating off-contract spend through supplier contracts, your business can increase cost savings.

Enable volume aggregation

Through demand planning, you can co-ordinate buying activities and be alerted to cost-saving opportunities. Accurate budgeting and cash flow planning is enabled, so you can spend more time improving performance.

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Large or small, Geneus can benefit your business. Ready to find out how?