Optimisation is just the beginning

By enhancing the systems you already use, our products – Geneus and G-Quotes – enable the automation of additional and more complex categories of spend. Increase visibility on transactions, unlock saving opportunities, lockdown pre-negotiated pricing and improve compliance across the supply chain.


Automate services procurement

Extend the scope of existing eProcurement capabilities.

Create efficiencies

Convert quotations into purchase requisitions in your eProcurement system.

Connect with customers

Suppliers, send quotes directly to your customers’ eProcurement system.

Improve compliance

Reduce risk with approved suppliers and pre-agreed prices.

Enhance spend visibility

Capture business expenditure and identify opportunities to save.

Enable volume aggregation

Drive process efficiencies and optimise volume savings.

Our Products


Geneus has been a real asset to our business. It’s a user-friendly platform that the whole team were able to use from day one – no training required! Not only is it intuitive and easy to use, it provides our customers a quicker and easier way to customise our products to their needs and get accurate pricing – it’s really simplified the process. We’ve never achieved this with any of the systems we’ve previously used.

Marketing Manager, Metalfrio

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