By ProProcure IT & Technology Suppliers 5th March 2018

Digitise your product range with Geneus for Suppliers

In a world where having an effective digital presence is a necessity, businesses need to adapt quickly to get ahead. Providing your customers with a purchasing experience that’s streamlined, automated and meaningful can give businesses a vital edge over the competition; in the sales process, this means getting to grips with product digitisation.

Why digitise? Your business may depend on it…

The ever-changing digital landscape has seen businesses offer up a host of sales and engagement channels to connect with their customers, whether they be consumers or other businesses. The need to transform and engage has become an accepted norm. But for many businesses, adapting to the pressures of digitisation across their operation as a whole has been less of a priority.

In a commercial environment that’s becoming ever more commoditised thanks to rapid technological advances and greater competition, adaptation is now a necessity if businesses want to gain a strategic advantage. At the exponential speed of technology change, this is an immediate need.

How technology can help you stay ahead of the curve (and improve business for everyone)

As increasing numbers of digital natives enter the workforce, businesses are developing a greater understanding of this need for change. Generation Y (Millennials) and the emergent Generation Z expect two-way, meaningful digital communication – and that’s no different in the B2B market. Developing a comprehensive digital strategy that takes care of every process and level of engagement from buyer to bank is key to engaging stakeholders and getting ahead.

For supplier businesses, integrating with your customer’s eProcurement systems is a highly effective way of achieving this. Digitising your product ranges, simplifying ordering, integrating with financial systems and enabling real-time forecasting are all innovative ways to bring agility and cost savings to your buyers, and to gain an advantage over your competitors.

The cost of ineffective business collaboration is a huge $650 billion*, so as global supply chains become more complex, collaboration is becoming key. Going beyond the traditional view of procurement as a cost-saving process, suppliers are being called upon to take a greater role in innovating. Helping businesses within the supply chain to make their products and services more efficient, more sustainable and more customisable (and so less wasteful) are all possible within a digitised procurement process.

So what does embracing digital innovation mean in practice?

The solution put forward by ProProcure is an eCommerce platform that brings about efficiency, automation and increased sales, as well as that all-important two-way supply-chain interaction.

Geneus helps suppliers digitise their product range and collaborate with their customers

Used by some of the world’s biggest brands including Unilever, Pernod Ricard, Pizza Hut, and their suppliers – Welbilt, Foster and Metalfrio, to name a few – Geneus is a cloud-based commerce platform that improves business efficiency by automating the selling and buying process.

As well as centralising and simplifying processes such as creating quotations and managing product updates, the platform integrates seamlessly with customers’ finance and procurement systems and gives complete visibility of interaction across the supply chain.

One of the major draws of Geneus for suppliers is that it enables them to digitise their entire product range through the use of a consumer-style eCatalogue; one that, importantly, customers can connect to directly. With the ability to catalogue complex and highly configurable products and services, Geneus brings innovation, efficiency and cost savings to businesses across the supply chain.

By digitising their product ranges and improving interaction, businesses can revolutionise their offering and provide the best service for their customers (while staying one step ahead of the competition).

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