What is G-Quotes?

Increasing purchase-automation improves business efficiency and delivers improvements to your bottom line.

G-Quotes is a Coupa-certified app which enables businesses like yours to automate the purchasing of services and other complex categories. This means that your business users no longer have to manually create purchase requisitions.

With G-Quotes, Users can brief suppliers on their requirements and suppliers can respond by building and sending a detailed statement of work (SoW). Users can then automatically turn the SoW into an accurate purchase requisition with line-item detail in Coupa.

By removing all manual data entry from the purchasing process, you empower your Business Users to collaborate effectively with contracted suppliers. This frees-up your Procurement Team to focus on strategic sourcing and other critical supply chain initiatives.

Thanks to a certified integration with the Coupa BSM Platform, G-Quotes can be implemented immediately and at the click of a button, your suppliers can be on-boarded too.

To find out how to set up a free trial, including onboarding any of your contracted suppliers, please enquire below.

G-Quotes Subscribers

Get in touch to set up a free trial of G-Quotes

    Get in touch to set up a free trial of G-Quotes