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Consumer goods companies operating globally know how important it is to create a high-quality, consistent brand. It’s the difference between standing out in a vast and crowded market, or letting the competition take your spot (and your audience).

For beverage companies in particular, a strong and recognisable brand can have the power to impact consumers’ purchasing decisions, both in-store and in-situ at bars and restaurants.

Take the recent upturn in gin, for instance. As more and more brands join an increasingly-busy space, they need to do more to catch people’s’ attention. Have you ever bought a bottle of gin because of the beautifully-designed packaging? I certainly have. Or perhaps you were attracted by a limited-edition accessory like a branded cocktail measure or glass. Because we all love to find something different, special or with added-value. And when our attention has been grabbed, or we’ve been invited to share in something unique, we remember the brand.

This is the powerful influence great marketing can have on consumer buying behaviour – and we understand the importance of this power to the brands themselves.

But to market properly, with impact, brands need to ensure their materials are both high-quality and consistent. This is particularly important in a space as crowded as alcoholic beverages, where consumers are spoiled for choice. So much so, it can be hard to achieve brand loyalty from buyers.

So how do consumers become loyal customers?

The key is great marketing. When you think of this as the conversation you’re having with your audience, you want to make that conversation positive – and memorable. With consistency and quality, buyer recognition starts to form.

As this relationship grows through seamless marketing – for example in a restaurant or store – people feel more at ease and part of the story of your product. So they make their choice based on emotion and trust.

With trust comes high expectations, which means brands need to go the extra mile. Marketing materials such as the value-added packaging (VAP) described previously are a great way to do this. Enticing packaging and point of sale materials (POSM) – such as well-designed and engaging beer mats, and engraved branded glasses – are all fantastic ways to catch attention and continue that conversation.

But how can brands implement consistent, high-quality marketing in a global supply chain?

In order to effectively respond to local markets while ensuring consistency, global brands need to be sure of supply-chain compliance. One of the best ways to do this is to have local markets purchase their marketing materials exclusively from suppliers that have been approved by the brand’s global marketing and procurement teams.

By doing this, the brand is not only protected, but consumers develop recognition and loyalty for it. The enhanced way in which consumers experience brands in bars, pubs and clubs is assured wherever they are in the world. Which means the brand can capture their audience from the competition and increase sales both on- and off-premise. Geneus, our eMarketplace solution, enables global drinks companies to do just that.

Go on, tell me how

diageo-imageGeneus helps brands achieve quality and consistency in their marketing materials by providing a webshop where local stakeholders can access the products from suppliers that have been pre-agreed by global teams. And because these items are often complex and highly configurable, Geneus enables them to be catalogued in a fully-digital platform.

Which means POSM like branded beer pumps, glasses and mats can all carry the brand consistently and to a high quality, wherever the product is sold.

Not only that, but because these items account for a large proportion of indirect spend for global beverage brands, Geneus offers a simple procurement process for marketing that enables cost savings to be maximised.

For global drinks companies, we really do have the Geneus solution.

To find out more about how Geneus can help you achieve consistently high-quality marketing on a global scale, contact us today.



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