Introducing our demand forecasting tool: How Geneus Engage can achieve indirect cost savings for your business

26th April 2018 | ProProcure

Over the past 25 years, the consumer-packaged-goods industry (CPG) has experienced rapid expansion; year-on-year, US-listed CPGs alone have increased total returns to shareholders by 10%...

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What does competing in an IRONMAN teach us about seamless business?

16th October 2017 | Frank Treanor

OK, I did want to find an excuse to write about completing the Barcelona IRONMAN last weekend. I trained my butt off for it and still can’t quite believe crossing the finish line. It...

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Canning Joins ProProcure’s Advisory Board

6th September 2017 | Sian Fryer

ProProcure are delighted to announce that Steve Canning has joined ProProcure’s advisory board and is working closely with the business on its marketing, distribution and sales strategies...

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Simplifying Transactional Procurement for Local Franchisees

1st September 2016 | Frank Treanor

Simplifying Transactional Procurement for Local Franchisees How do you manage transactional procurement in a multi-layered stakeholder business? In any large global corporation, there is...

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Is Glocalisation mythical or manageable?

4th April 2016 | Richard Shine

Is Glocalisation mythical or manageable? In every business, there are challenges, aspirations, realities and ideals. Industry buzzwords come and go, destinations change and accepted wisdom...

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Procurement: Insource or outsource that is the question

4th March 2016 | Matt Rouse

Procurement: Insource or outsource that is the question The problem with opinion is that everyone has one. By default, that means there are a great many to choose from or you could even be...

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ProProcure announces extended partnership with Pernod Ricard

11th May 2015 | Kathryn

  ProProcure, the leading Marketing Spend Management Company, has further extended their partnership with Pernod Ricard the world’s co-leader in wine and spirits. Geneus,...

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