Press Release: ProProcure launches a cloud-based quotation tool for suppliers that integrates with any P2P system

5th June 2019 | Sian Fryer

BUCKINGHAMSHIRE, UK, 5th June 2019 – ProProcure Ltd, a Procurement technology provider, today announces the launch of its new online quote-building tool – G-Quotes – that...

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How to stop your complex spend going maverick

5th February 2019 | ProProcure

How to stop your complex spend going maverick ‘Maverick spend’ is a phrase your procurement team really doesn’t want to hear – unless you’re talking elimination. When...

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How to​ overcome foodservice cost pressures in preparation for the new year

10th December 2018 | ProProcure

The past year has been tough for the foodservice industry. Market-wide cost pressures have negatively impacted performance and brought several high street chains to the brink of bankruptcy....

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Introducing our demand forecasting tool: How Geneus Engage can achieve indirect cost savings for your business

26th April 2018 | ProProcure

Achieve indirect cost savings for your business Over the past 25 years, the consumer-packaged-goods industry (CPG) has experienced rapid expansion; year-on-year, US-listed CPGs alone have...

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Looking for a competitive edge? Digitise your product range with an online buying solution

5th March 2018 | ProProcure

Digitise your product range and provide your customers with an online buying solution In a world where having an effective digital presence is a necessity, businesses need to adapt quickly...

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Future-Proof Your eProcurement Investment

18th November 2016 | Frank Treanor

Future-Proof Your eProcurement Investment There is perhaps no sadder sight in sport than a past great, a legend of the game, playing on when they should have retired a season or two...

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Talking ‘Bout My Generation

25th October 2016 | Frank Treanor

Talking ‘Bout My Generation Generation Z talent is now entering the workforce and the Gen X-ers, who are now the captains of industry, desperately need them as employees if they want...

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Procurement: Security through simplicity

21st September 2016 | Frank Treanor

Procurement: Security through simplicity Recently, I read an article on Computer Business Review’s website about cyber security. The post itself addresses online security in general and...

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Defrosting Chiller Cabinet Complexity

8th September 2016 | Frank Treanor

Defrosting Chiller Cabinet Complexity One of the more underhand tactics of a defensive salesman is to keep the person they are selling to in the dark about detail. Even where the intention...

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Don’t judge a book by its cover!

9th August 2016 | Matt Rouse

Don’t judge a book by its cover! Innovation in technology is rapidly changing almost every industry on the planet. The story of what can be achieved is writing itself quicker than most...

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Is Glocalisation mythical or manageable?

4th April 2016 | Richard Shine

Is Glocalisation mythical or manageable? In every business, there are challenges, aspirations, realities and ideals. Industry buzzwords come and go, destinations change and accepted wisdom...

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Procurement: Insource or outsource that is the question

4th March 2016 | Matt Rouse

Procurement: Insource or outsource that is the question The problem with opinion is that everyone has one. By default, that means there are a great many to choose from or you could even be...

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