Beer is a highly competitive market, with squeezed margins. In 2012 SABMiller decided to take a highly innovative approach with its global flagship brands by premiumising the perception of the brands in the eyes of the consumer in order to grow market share and larger profit margins. This was achieved by investing heavily into the marketing of the brands and particularly how consumers experienced the brands in bars, pubs, and clubs around the world. How did SABMiller achieve this consistency of point of sale experience across the world? With Geneus, of course. With our POS webshop, SABMiller Global Brands (Peroni, Grolsch, Pilsner Urquell, Miller Genuine Draft and Miller Lite) achieved simplified purchasing processes, volume consolidation, and global visibility over their marketing spend; what’s more, they also saved over 20% compared to previous pricing. This has been so successful that, when the brands were recently purchased by Asahi, the usage of Geneus has continued and is likely to extend into new spend categories.

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The Challenge

In 2012, the Global Brands Team at SABMiller started the process of centralising the development and distribution of their point of sale materials (POSM) with an aim to:

  • Develop a range of POSM that’s relevant to consumers and shoppers worldwide, bringing the global brand vision to life.
  • Create premium brand consistency globally and build brand equity in the key touchpoints in on and off premise environments.
  • Increase the efficiencies throughout a centralised and optimised supply chain to enable local markets to benefit from economies of scale.
  • Increase visibility over POSM spend on all global brands.
  • Maintain global brands quality standards to conform to Corporate Social Responsibility and ensure strict quality controls.


The Solution: Working with Geneus

To help SABMiller achieve simplified processes, volume consolidation and global visibility over their marketing spend, we were tasked with enabling marketing teams, procurement teams and suppliers to work together in one central platform.

Here’s what Geneus unlocked:

  • Volume consolidation. Helping grow the brands sales in developing markets by accessing premium point of sale materials, ultimately driving top and bottom line growth.
  • Process simplification. Geneus delivered one single point of management with a single invoicing and fully audited process that complies with sourcing principles.
  • Brand consistency. Achieved across all marketing materials in every country through an approved supply chain.
  • Maximised cost savings. SABMiller were able to achieve higher volume break points through volume aggregation, they could also avoid duplicate development and production costs.
  • Reduction of risk. By introducing an approved network and removing non-compliance of alternatively sourced materials.
  • Improved speed to market. Meaning high demand items reach consumers faster.

The Results

Over 2 years, SABMiller achieved:

  • Complete global visibility over marketing spend.
  • 20% cost savings compared to previous years.
  • Global volume aggregation savings of over 23% per event.
  • Efficiency savings estimated at 15-20% within local markets.
  • Risk management with zero quality assurance issues and QA testing fully visible across the business; and through ensuring responsible sourcing practices aligned with the code of conduct to serve the global community.

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