Marketing Events Agency

The Challenge

A Marketing Events Agency with a master service agreement (MSA) for a global consumer goods business provides services such as event design, execution, and strategic marketing support.

Nation-wide brand campaigns often require complex purchase orders consisting of multiple service types, equipment, licenses, and location hire. This agency would typically build a quotation in a word or excel document which is then shared with various stakeholders at the buying organisation – including the Head of Marketing, the Brand Manager, the Category Artwork Expert and an Intern – before a purchase requisition is created manually by a Coupa user.

Marketing Events are time-sensitive and this manual purchasing process often causes delays and frustration to both the buying organisation and the supplier. To resolve this, the buying organisation is mandating that Agencies must be able to integrate their quotations with Coupa to automate the process of creating a purchase order.

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The Solution


G-Quotes has been easy to adopt and has worked as intended without issues. It is extremely simple to populate a quotation and send through to my clients.

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The Events Agency now sends their quotations using G-Quotes which utilises a standardised integration with the Coupa requisition API.

Upon receiving a brief, G-Quotes enables the supplier to build and send quotations to their customer containing every item required to complete the event to the best standard, including pre-negotiated catalogued rates and any uncatalogued costs. The buyer can then review, discuss or share the quotation with the other stakeholders in the marketing and procurement departments. Upon acceptance, a purchase requisition is automatically raised in Coupa and the supplier can get to work on the project.


A brand manager at the buying organisation wants to promote the launch of a new beauty range and decides to run a pop-up shop in central London for the first week of its launch. The brand manager also knows that they want to use some local social media influencers to promote the pop-up so they provide their approved events agency with a brief detailing the requirements.

Having explored every option, the events agency comes back to the brand manager with a quotation sent through G-Quotes. The quote includes rates for Client Services and Creative time, space rental, influencer rates, photography, transport and any branded materials needed throughout the event. The Brand Manager forwards this quotation to the Head of Marketing to get sign off.

Once the quotation is accepted in G-Quotes, a purchase requisition is automatically created in Coupa detailing every line item that was included in the quotation. The central procurement team gets rich data for future analysis and the agency can get to work right away.

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The Benefits

  • A fully automated Quote-to-Purchase order process for one of the most complex purchasing categories.
  • Faster creation of purchase orders, reducing risk to sales-critical brand campaigns.
  • Buyers are no longer manually creating requisitions which is delivering time-savings for both the buying organisation and the supplier.
  • Detailed, accurate purchasing data for future spend analysis.

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