Maintenance and Repair Services

The Challenge

A maintenance and repairs (MRO) company contracted to a global consumer goods business in the UK provides scaffolding, access and labour for maintenance and urgent repairs of factories. This is a time-sensitive service where any delays could have a detrimental impact on factory productivity.

Historically, this MRO supplier has provided hundreds of quotations every year in an Excel format, all of which need to be reviewed by the buyer or category manager and any accepted quotations to be manually entered into Coupa as a requisition by the business user. This is a timeconsuming process which can lead to delays in vital repairs. As a task that adds little value, limited details of the quote were entered into the purchase requisition by the user which meant buyers had to approve purchases on very little information, resulting in a lack of visibility and control over this category for the central procurement team.

The supplier did not have the technical resources available to build a quotation tool that could connect with Coupa and automate the quote-to-order process.

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The Solution


Since using G-Quotes, 70% of the time we get a PO on the same day or the day after sending a quotation. This process used to take a week – there is definitely a reduction in time!

H&B Contracts Ltd

At the request of the buying organisation, this MRO supplier subscribed to G-Quotes to digitise their quotation process and connect it with their customer’s Coupa solution through an integration with the requisition API.

Mobile and tablet compatibility also means that this supplier can build quotations at the site of any project and send them straight to their customers who can instantly review or share with other stakeholders in the business. Upon approval, a purchase requisition is automatically raised in Coupa, and the work can commence.


A large factory in the UK has a small hole in the roof where water is leaking through and destroying the packaging of finished products. The Factory Manager knows that if this is not fixed as soon as possible, more
products will need to be repackaged and they will be further away from achieving their quarterly production targets.

The Factory Manager calls their local approved MRO contractor and briefs them on the issue. The same day, an engineer stops by to assess the leaking roof. He logs into G-Quotes on his smartphone and builds a quotation with all of the items required for the repair, including scaffolding, ladders, labour, and any access they require on-site. He sends the quote straight to the Factory Manager.

The Factory Manager then opens the quotation in G-Quotes and hits accept. A purchase requisition is automatically raised in Coupa where the Business User (or Factory Manager if he is responsible for Coupa data entry) can follow processes to raise a PO. As soon as the supplier receives the PO (which is now typically on the same day!), he can complete the work and the factory can go back to business as usual.

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The Benefits

  • The average time taken for this MRO supplier to receive a purchase order and commence work has reduced from 1 week to 1 day.
  • The Factory or Site Managers can get repairs done far quicker meaning productivity levels increase.
  • Buyers are no longer manually creating requisitions which is delivering time-savings for both the buying organisation and the supplier.
  • The buying organisation has significantly more accurate purchasing data for future spend analysis & contract negotiations.

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