A top 30 Global Consumer Goods Company

As a business built on principles and foundations, our client recognised the importance of brand consistency. By choosing Geneus, this premium brand owner was able to enhance their existing procurement system and gain full visibility over their significant marketing spend.

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Challenge / Problem

Multiple markets using multiple POS agencies and non-approved suppliers posed a challenge. This global leader recognised a need to link POS catalogues and ad hoc spend to their existing procurement system and to a single guided buying process.

Without a central guided buying process, our client was facing:

  • An increase in uncontrolled spend.
  • Duplication and inaccuracies of data inputs through the use of spreadsheets and a lack of a centralised buying process.
  • Manual reporting that is not real time, with a heavy reliance on third parties.
  • Purchases that are not linked to their spend and requisition platform.

The Solution: Working with Geneus

Our objectives were to amplify the capabilities of their existing P2P system (Coupa) and create a single global marketplace that provided an end to end solution for the purchasing of point of sale materials and value-added-packaging.

This enabled our client to:

  • Drive efficiencies and standardisation with data visibility in real time.
  • Automate reporting to ensure informed decision-making against effective investment.
  • Create a sustainable way of working within POS purchasing remit.
  • Gain full visibility across the entire buying process through integration with their existing platform, ensuring sourcing compliance and reducing risk management.
  • Maximise working spend and asset utilisation.
  • Ensure quality and consistency of branded materials and merchandise on a global scale.

The Results

As a direct result of implementing Geneus, our client achieved:

  • Full integration with Coupa. This enabled our client to drive the guided buying of POS material and ensure sourcing compliance and risk management.
  • Complete visibility. For the first time, our client was able to view all global POS expenditure.
  • Minimisation of risk. With one central marketplace, Geneus removed the risk of local markets purchasing POS materials outside of the approved supply chain. Risks of foreign exchange, logistics and importing have also been reduced.
  • Amplified ROI. our client now has access to advanced data analytics through their Productivity Dashboard.

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