IT, AV & Security Services

The Challenge

An IT, AV & Security supplier contracted to a global manufacturing business provides consulting, design, installation and maintenance of mechanical and electrical extra-low voltage systems for sites across Poland.

This supplier has always provided quotations in an Excel format, all of which need to be reviewed by the Material Requirements Planning Controller or Senior Demand Planner and any accepted quotations to be manually keyed into Coupa as a requisition by the business user. This is a time-consuming process and limited details of quotations were entered into the purchase requisition by the user. Requisitions were being approved based on very little information and as a result, there were gaps in the spend analysis where central procurement felt further savings could be made.

The supplier did not have the capital or expertise to build a quotation tool that could connect with Coupa and automate the quote-to-order process.

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The Solution

The supplier subscribed to G-Quotes so that they could begin building digital quotations and send them directly to their customer’s Coupa solution.

With G-Quotes’ standardised connection with the Coupa requisition API, the buyers in this category can now create purchase requisitions at the click of a button. Complications that arise from manual data entry can now be avoided and the process for purchasing these services becomes more dynamic.


An extra-low voltage (ELV) system project arises at a new site in Poland and the Material Requirements Planning Controller sends out a request for quote to their local approved IT, AV & Security supplier.

Using their G-Quotes account, the supplier builds a quotation consisting of the agreed catalogued costs and any non-catalogued costs needed to complete the project.  The quote includes the creation of the layout drawing, the design of the system, implementation of the system and any materials required such as cabling, thermal image cameras and power supply.

Upon receiving the quotation, the Material Requirements Planning Controller logs into G-Quotes and approves immediately so that the purchase requisition can be reviewed and approved in Coupa. As soon as the supplier receives the PO, the creation of the layout drawing can begin and any delays to project commencement can be avoided.

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The Benefits

  • The time taken for this IT, AV & Security supplier to receive a purchase order has significantly reduced.
  • Buyers such as the Material Requirements Planning Controller are no longer manually creating requisitions which delivers time-savings for both the buying organisation and the supplier.
  • The Senior Demand Planner now has more time to focus on creating and optimising plans, and target tracking.
  • The buying organisation has significantly more accurate purchasing data for future spend analysis & contract negotiations.

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