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A must-read article about G-Quotes, written by Nancy Clinton from Spend Matters. To view the original article, click here.


As the title would suggest, we have come across a new tool that would appear to be a win-win for both supplier and buyer. At Spend Matters we like to bring new and innovative technology to the attention of our readers, which might otherwise slip under their radar. We learnt very recently of this new tool that sounds like it will be music to the ears of both services providers and the organisations that buy from them. In its simplest form it’s an online quote-building tool that bridges the gap between the e-commerce needs of suppliers and an enterprise’s requirement to increase levels of automation, control and traceability in purchase requisition.

G-Quotes is the latest development from international e-procurement firm ProProcure. We talked to them about the new offering and they say it was designed with simplicity, scalability and affordability in mind, to connect suppliers easily with their customers’ eProcurement systems, so that onerous and time-consuming purchasing tasks can be done quickly, easily and above all, automatically. To that end G-Quotes works with any of the big ERP systems: P2P giants the likes of Coupa, Basware, Ariba, Jaggaer and Ivalua to name but some.

For suppliers and buyers

As suppliers seek to automate as much as they possibly can, and are under increasing pressure to integrate with customers’ P2P systems, G-Quotes is a quick and easy way for them to build a quote which directly links with the buyer’s system and in turn is made into a purchase requisition. As most suppliers are aware, this is often a complicated process. Unlike e-forms builders, G-Quotes puts no extra onus on the enterprise, it lies in the hands of the supplier, but as a punch-out or with a standardised API connection, it incurs them no extra costs in overheads. All integration, we understand, is done by the ProProcure team during set-up, and it looks to be fully customisable in terms of branding.

For buyers, who understand their end need but don’t want to be concerned with the constituent parts that make it a reality, this means they need barely intervene, what they receive is a reliable quote and the system does the rest, eliminating any errors that might be introduced through traditional email attachments.

Aside cost-effectiveness, one of the primary efficiencies this tool affords is that of speed, as testified by one of G-Quotes suppliers, H&B Contracts Ltd: “Since using G-Quotes, 70% of the time we get a PO on the same day or the day after sending a quotation, this process used to take a week!”

Spend Matters has received a demo of the new tool, and as always our analysts will have more in-depth coverage and analysis in the weeks to come, but for now analyst Xavier Olivera had this to say:

“G-Quotes is a subscription-based application that makes it easier for suppliers to create a service quote, regardless of its complexity, ensuring that the buyer obtains a correct and accessible quote directly from their own e-Procurement solution. You can think of G-Quotes as an e-form builder, but created by the supplier, and not the buyer. The benefit of this is that it ensures all components of the service are taken into account, as are the actual prices. G-Quotes works as a punch-out catalogue within e-Procurement solutions; once the supplier sends the notice to the buyer (email) that the quote is ready, the buyer accesses it through G-Quotes punch-out within the e-Procurement solution. They simply review it and approve it.

Upon approval, G-Quotes generates a purchase requisition in the buying company’s chosen P2P via punch-out or integration with the Requisition API. G-Quotes thus accelerates the process of contracting services for buyers and ensures that it is coded and recorded by the buyer within the accounting system. It is a great way to simplify the contracting and purchasing of a service, ensuring its correct configuration and coding, and is suitable for all organisations that procure services.”

The business model is also a very simple one, done on a monthly subscription basis which requires no contract to be signed and no ongoing commitment. The pricing hierarchy looks flexible too, from entry-level prices for the smaller supplier through to higher user-number prices, but all with unlimited quote-sending and in multiple languages and currencies. Enterprises must hold a G-Quotes account to retrieve the quote and there are various add-ons they can make use of, with more functionality still in development, but suffice to say, all round, it seems a very cost-effective solution for automating the quote-to-requisition process.

Added certification

We understand that since we received our demo, G-Quotes has now received CoupaLink™ certification for ‘Supplier Collaboration’ from business spend management firm Coupa. Their partnership means that G-Quotes meets all of Coupa’s stringent requirements for its CoupaLink Certified Technology programme, and as a partner it connects seamlessly to the BSM system allowing Coupa customers to accept, process or retrieve quotes in a simple step.

ProProcure CEO Frank Treanor said of the partnership:

“We are thrilled that G-Quotes has passed Coupa’s rigorous certification process and I couldn’t be happier with the exceptional value it delivers to suppliers and their enterprise customers. We look forward to expanding our relationship with Coupa through the avenue of Supplier Collaboration – having the ability to automate the requisition process for services delivers significant efficiency-gains which is a serious competitive advantage to any businesses. G-Quotes is highly intuitive, low-cost, and designed for a mobile world. Coupa Link certification gives Coupa’s growing customer-base confidence in the value and stability of the G-Quotes solution, and that it can be rolled out in a matter of minutes.”


To view the original article, click here.

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