Introducing our demand forecasting tool: How Geneus Engage can achieve indirect cost savings for your business

26th April 2018 | Sian Fryer

Over the past 25 years, the consumer-packaged-goods industry (CPG) has experienced rapid expansion; year-on-year, US-listed CPGs alone have increased total returns to shareholders by 10%...

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Looking for a competitive edge? Digitise your product range and provide your customers with an online buying solution

5th March 2018 | Sian Fryer

In a world where having an effective digital presence is a necessity, businesses need to adapt quickly to get ahead. Providing your customers with a purchasing experience that’s...

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food service
Unlocking value in indirect spend in food service

29th January 2018 | Darrell Osborne

Procurement in food service is all about food, drinks and packaging, right? The categories of direct spend are the most exciting and important to the organisation and where the investment...

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What does competing in an IRONMAN teach us about seamless business?

16th October 2017 | Frank Treanor

OK, I did want to find an excuse to write about completing the Barcelona IRONMAN last weekend. I trained my butt off for it and still can’t quite believe crossing the finish line. It...

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Canning Joins ProProcure’s Advisory Board

6th September 2017 | Sian Fryer

ProProcure are delighted to announce that Steve Canning has joined ProProcure’s advisory board and is working closely with the business on its marketing, distribution and sales strategies...

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You Can’t Outsource Your Responsibility!

28th November 2016 | Matt Rouse

You Can’t Outsource Your Responsibility! The recent Panorama exposé about Syrian refugee children working in Turkish factories for less than a pound an hour, to supply British shoppers,...

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Future-Proof Your eProcurement Investment

18th November 2016 | Frank Treanor

Future-Proof Your eProcurement Investment There is perhaps no sadder sight in sport than a past great, a legend of the game, playing on when they should have retired a season or two...

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What Can Procurement & Brexit Learn from Each Other?

28th October 2016 | Frank Treanor

What Can Procurement & Brexit Learn from Each Other? With the Prime Minister’s announcement that we will start the process of leaving the EU early in 2017, and revelations about her...

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Talking ‘Bout My Generation

25th October 2016 | Frank Treanor

Talking ‘Bout My Generation Generation Z talent is now entering the workforce and the Gen X-ers, who are now the captains of industry, desperately need them as employees if they want...

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Procurement: Security through simplicity

21st September 2016 | Frank Treanor

Procurement: Security through simplicity Recently, I read an article on Computer Business Review’s website about cyber security. The post itself addresses online security in general and...

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Jack of all trades or master of ONE?

19th September 2016 | Frank Treanor

Jack of all trades or master of ONE? So, you are going to buy yourself the latest iphone 7, and you’ve been looking forward to the experience for weeks. And when I say...

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Defrosting Chiller Cabinet Complexity

8th September 2016 | Frank Treanor

Defrosting Chiller Cabinet Complexity One of the more underhand tactics of a defensive salesman is to keep the person they are selling to in the dark about detail. Even where the intention...

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