What does it really cost your business to purchase services?

10th September 2019 | Frank Treanor

Is your approach to purchasing services costing you more than it should? When it comes to the procurement of services, we’ve discovered a lot of money is being left on the table. And...

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What does competing in an IRONMAN teach us about seamless business?

16th October 2017 | Frank Treanor

OK, I did want to find an excuse to write about completing the Barcelona IRONMAN last weekend. I trained my butt off for it and still can’t quite believe crossing the finish line. It...

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You Can’t Outsource Your Responsibility!

28th November 2016 | Frank Treanor

Why you can’t outsource everything The recent Panorama exposé about Syrian refugee children working in Turkish factories for less than a pound an hour, to supply British shoppers, is...

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Future-Proof Your eProcurement Investment

18th November 2016 | Frank Treanor

Your eProcurement Investment in the Future There is perhaps no sadder sight in sport than a past great, a legend of the game, playing on when they should have retired a season or two...

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Talking ‘Bout My Generation

25th October 2016 | Frank Treanor

Generation Z vs Generation X Generation Z talent is now entering the workforce and the Gen X-ers, who are now the captains of industry, desperately need them as employees if they want their...

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Procurement: Security through simplicity

21st September 2016 | Frank Treanor

Security in Procurement Recently, I read an article on Computer Business Review’s website about cyber security. The post itself addresses online security in general and cites the breach...

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Defrosting Chiller Cabinet Complexity

8th September 2016 | Frank Treanor

The complexity of chiller cabinets in procurement One of the more underhand tactics of a defensive salesman is to keep the person they are selling to in the dark about detail. Even where...

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Simplifying Transactional Procurement for Local Franchisees

1st September 2016 | Frank Treanor

How do you manage transactional procurement in a multi-layered foodservice business? How do you manage transactional procurement in a multi-layered stakeholder business? In any large global...

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Have you been squeezing your lemons properly?

11th August 2016 | Frank Treanor

The lemon analogy I recently remembered this analogy I heard from someone at Cranfield University some years back. I think of it as ‘Squeezing the Lemon’ and it is a great way to...

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Don’t judge a book by its cover!

9th August 2016 | Frank Treanor

Why judge a technology platform on look and feel alone? Innovation in technology is rapidly changing almost every industry on the planet. The story of what can be achieved is writing itself...

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Your right to demand an indirect forecast!

22nd June 2016 | Frank Treanor

Forecasting indirect spend The American author and public speaker in the area of futures studies, John Naisbitt, once said “The most reliable way to forecast the future is to try and...

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Picturing procurement in a perfect world!

9th June 2016 | Frank Treanor

Average procurement vs outstanding procurement What is the difference between average procurement and outstanding procurement? A dictionary definition of ‘procurement’ is: the act of...

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