15th May 2017

May 2017 Procurement Industry News

BA Shambles – Are Outsourcing, Offshoring or Cost Cutting to Blame?

BA-Procurement-ChaosIn this recent article on Spend Matters, Peter Smith discusses the PR disaster that British Airways has gone through during the bank holiday weekend. The computer issues caused thousands of passengers to have a miserable bank holiday. But what was to blame for the fiasco and who should be held accountable?

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Three Ways Procurement Must Transform

Procurement-TransformationHugo Britt writes on Procurious about the transformation that procurement needs to go through in order to attract the best talent that is available out there. He discusses how the profession needs to adapt into a ‘tech focused intelligence agency’ to help navigate the current uncertainties surrounding the market.

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Tackling Three Major Myths about Procurement Automation

Procurement-Automation-MythIn this post on BuyersMeetingPoint, Kelly Barner examines some of the popular mythology surrounding procurement automation. The article invites readers to reveal any misconceptions they have come across around automation and to tweet about them on Twitter using the hashtag #AutoProcure.

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Amazon Joins Gartners Supply Chain Masters

Supply-Chain-MastersIn Gartners annual Supply Chain Top 25 Global Ranking report, Amazon, the online behemoth, has joined P&G and Apple in the top category. Stan Aranow, Research VP at Gartner, said Amazon earned its place in the ‘masters’ category through the impact it has had on the move from traditional stores to distribution centres.

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Ransomware Crisis Highlights Why Procurement Value, Not Cost, Is Key

Ransomware-Procurement-NHSIn this very topical post on Spend Matters, Peter Smith examines the recent ransomeware attack that has hit the NHS. He examines the importance of the whole business assessing the value obtained by third party suppliers rather than simply looking at pricing and cost saving measures.

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Procurement Important Area for Brexit Talks

Procurement-Post-BrexitIn this article on Spend Management by Will Green, he discusses a document drawn up for the European Parliament examining public procurement between the UK and EU post-Brexit. The report puts forward 4 models which are worthy of discussion for public procurement between the UK and Europe post Brexit.

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The Changing Role of the CPO: With Respect Comes Responsibility

Procurement-ResponsibilityThis post by Robert J Bowman on SupplyChainBrain discusses the recent transformation of the role of a CPO within a global supply chain.  Although reducing supply chain expense is still a priority, Boards are now looking to the CPO for advice to protect the business from supply chain disruption.

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The Importance of Smaller Contracts

Supply-Chain-ContractsThe importance of smaller contracts is examined in this article on PASA. The post discusses how smaller contracts can be neglected in large projects. However, failing to acknowledge their importance can lead to some nasty surprises. It’s often not until something goes wrong that you realise the huge impact small contracts can have on the supply chain.

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