28th March 2017

March 2017 Procurement Industry News

Procurement Teams Need More Digital Know-How

government-digital-procurementRebecca Hill, on PublicTechnology.Net, covers the content of a recent conference on public procurement. Most of the conference speakers believe the government’s objectives of using smaller, more innovative suppliers was being held back by the lack of digital skills within Whitehall procurement teams.

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Top 5 Ways to Shake Things Up in Strategic Sourcing

Shakeup-Strategic-SourcingThis post by Betina Nygaard on the Scanmarket blog looks at 5 ways to freshen up your strategic sourcing. From finding new stakeholders within the business to scouring Linkedin for new contacts with similar job titles, there’s some valid alternatives to help improve the rate of savings on your procurement.

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Creating a Thinking Supply Chain for the Cognitive Era

Cognitive-Supply-ChainIn another post about Artificial Intelligence within procurement, Matt McGovern says we are on the verge of Artificial Intelligence becoming commonplace in the supply chain. He examines how businesses can take advantage of cognitive technologies and the type of tasks that they can take over.

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Predictive Procurement Gets Real

predictive-procurementThis post on Digitalist, from Marcell Vollmer, discusses how procurement has improved immeasurably over recent years through the use of technology. Using the example of the mining industry, he examines how the Internet of Things is helping businesses anticipate and mitigate risks before disruption occurs.

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Purchasing Manager is 8th Least Ethnically Diverse Role

Procurement-DiversityResults of a recent survey, described as ‘disappointing’ by CIPS, reveal that senior procurement professionals are in the bottom 10 occupations for levels of ethnic diversity. The survey, by Policy Exchange, ranked over 200 occupations in England & Wales using data from The 2015 Labour Market Study.

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Top 10 Procurement Trends for 2017

10-Procurement-TrendsSpendEdge, an authority on procurement market intelligence, reveal the top 10 trends that they believe will be shaping the industry during 2017. The trends are part of an evolution in the market as it responds to the speed of technological change, recruitment requirements and the changing demands of the consumer.

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4 Ways to Build an Ethical Supply Chain

Ethical-Supply-ChainThis post on Xpo-Online covers the growing importance of building an ethical supply chain. The article discusses how businesses have a responsibility to maintain an ethical supply chain and failing to do so can have dire results. They go on to outline 4 steps that procurement can take to ensure compliance.

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Survey: How Supplier Credit Rankings Impact Procurement

Supplier-CreditA recent article on SupplyChainDive examines the results of a survey of 1,000 buyers and suppliers which revealed that suppliers were oblivious to the importance of credit ratings to their buyers. The post goes on to give examples of how poor supplier credit can negatively impact the procurement process.

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