30th January 2017

January 2017 Procurement Industry News

Procurement Fraud – Are We Being Complacent

Procurement-FraudPhilip Joss discusses procurement fraud and the difficulties businesses face detecting it with the increasingly complex supply chain. He examines some of the measures which organisations can take to minimise the risks, such as investing in systems and working more closely with suppliers.

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Five Reasons Supplier Diversity Matters

supplier-diversityThis post on Procurious, discusses the importance of supplier diversity to businesses. The article will help you articulate its importance and explain why your business needs a supplier diversity programme, using Microsoft and Google as examples of big businesses driving innovation through supplier diversity.

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Is Your Procurement Process Smart Enough to Cope with Future User Experiences

user-experiencesRobin Titus examines some of the exciting new technology products bringing opportunities to both customers and suppliers. However, some of the most innovative new developments will put a strain on existing procurement systems. So how can businesses future proof their procurement technology?

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Time for Procurement to Become Entreprocurial

entreprocurialIn this post from Natalie Henfry on Procurement Leaders, she examines the concept of ‘entreprocurial’ – the idea that procurement should be more entrepreneurial in order to deliver an organisation’s growth targets and give new innovations a better chance of being successful.

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Automating Contract Creation, Without Help from Legal

Contract-AutomationThis post on Spend Matters, by Nick Heinzmann, examines how automation is likely to have an impact on procurement professionals. He discusses how the insurance industry has successfully adopted Artificial Intelligence and how many jobs in procurement are equally suited to automation.

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Procurement’s Technological Insanity – The Psychology of Change

procurement-insanityThis post on Procurement Tidbits, by Bertrand Maltaverne, examines some of the challenges associated with procurement technology and resistance to change. He provides some great insight into the psychology of how change is perceived and how people are inherently poor at determining the value of a change.

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How Will the World of Procurement Change in 2017

procurement-in-2017In this article on Supply Management, Nick Peksa looks ahead to 2017 and tries to predict how the major political events of 2016 will change things for procurement in the coming year. He examines influences around 4 key areas: the economy, currency, technology and raw materials.

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How Technology is Improving the Returns Process

returns-processJohn Haber discusses technology and how it can improve the returns process for retailers. With the period after Christmas alone accounting for up to 24% of a retailer’s returns for the entire year, he examines some solutions to reduce the cost of managing returns and simplify the process.

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