Global FMCG healthcare & pharma

Global FMCG, Consumer Healthcare & Pharma company selected ProProcure to help them identify and deliver significant reductions across their retail Point of Sale spend.

The Client

Global FMCG, Consumer Healthcare & Pharma company selected ProProcure to help them identify and deliver significant reductions across their retail Point of Sale spend.

The client is already seeing the benefits of working with ProProcure by realising cost savings of between 13-28%.

The Challenge

Having already established new lines of reporting to improve visibility over marketing collateral spend within Europe, ProProcure was selected to develop and deliver a marketing spend management solution to manage the client’s Point of Sale (PoS) category of spend.

The primary challenges of the project were:

  • Establishing a common approach across more than 20 markets, each with unique reporting and sourcing requirements and varying spend levels
  • Identifying, analysing and integrating the different PoS workflows across material type, market scope and product lifecycle
  • De-coupling design from production where possible to enable accurate project tendering

The Client’s Business Objectives

The multi-national brand owners who choose to work with ProProcure are all looking to ensure mutli-national brand protection, obtain total spend visibility and to achieve measurable reductions in cost, risk and waste.

More specifically this client had identified the need to achieve the following business objectives:

  • Reduce lead-times to in-store implementation of PoS campaigns
  • Gain visibility over complex supply chain workflows
  • Identify product standardisation opportunities
  • Control production and creative costs via a tendering process

The ProProcure solution

Working with the client in a phase approach, ProProcure initially carried out a detailed and in-depth analysis of the client’s existing in-market marketing collateral sourcing and supply chain:

  • To identify and understand the highly varied PoS workflows including those workflows covering material type, market scope and product lifecycle
  • To gain an accurate and full picture of the incumbent regional supply base
  • To identify the weaknesses and gaps within the supplier network and then address the weaknesses and fill the gaps with members of ProProcure’s own approved supplier network

The findings of the initial analyse phase resulted in ProProcure developing and delivering a marketing spend management solution. Built around ProProcureís highly configurable cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) platform, it manages the client’s PoS requirements from creative all the way through to in-store delivery. The identification of training requirements and delivering train-the-trainer programmes were also part of ProProcure’s commitment.

Additionally, ProProcure worked closely with the client to provide expert advice on how to execute an End-User Communication Strategy which was aimed at the buyers, marketers and suppliers.

Return on investment (ROI)

After an in-depth project scoping phase, followed by a short, and well-received, pilot project, ProProcure successfully rolled out its spend management solution to the organisation’s operations in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA).

Though early days the client has already seen the following benefits:

  • Cost savings of between 13-28% across the PoS category spend
  • Lead-time reduced by up to 30%
  • Streamlined sourcing and ordering workflows
  • 25% reduction in supply base

Overall using ProProcure’s Marketing Spend Management Solutions has vastly increased the efficiency of the client’s PoS procurement process.

Additionally users are steered to pre-approved branded promotional materials only and suppliers are consistently challenged to raise their game.

Hear from the client

The Project Sponsor at the Client says:

“ProProcure was clearly able to understand our complex requirements during the scoping phase.”

The sponsor added:

“The quality and accuracy of the software they delivered was high, as was the account management and user support we received. We are now looking to roll the solution out across more spend categories within marketing procurement.”

Going forward

ProProcure continues to work with the client to deliver their Marketing Spend Management Solutions across further marketing spend categories.