28th February 2017

February 2017 Procurement Industry News

Cognitive Technology is a Bicycle Built for Two

Bicycle-ProcurementIn yet another article on Artificial Intelligence within procurement, Procurious discuss the idea that every important decision will be made with the assistance of AI technology by the year 2020. However, this doesn’t mean the procurement function will be replaced but new skills will need to be learned.

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Digital Transformation of Procurement: Lessons from The Hacket Group & Ivalua

Digital-Transformation-ProcurementIn this post on Spend Matters by Sydney Lazarus, he discusses how cost saving is still the number one priority of procurement professionals. However, several key areas have seen a significant increase in perceived importance, in particular, increasing business agility and digital transformation.

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Supply Chain Risk Management in 2017

Supply-Chain-Risk-ManagementBill DuBois writes on the 21st Century Supply Chain blog about the risks facing supply chains. He examines some of the previous challenges brought about by a number of world-wide events and suggests the next high profile risks in 2017 could be as a result of the recent changes in the global political landscape.

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5G and its Impact on Procurement

5gImpact-On-ProcurementThis short post on SpendEdge examines the huge potential impact that 5G technology could have on procurement. Although unlikely that the technology will be available before 2020, the article emphasises the importance of businesses being prepared for the new technology, to gain the most benefits.

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Why Procurement is a Vital Seat at the Executive Table

Produrement-Board-TableStan Garber writes on Spend Matters about the importance of the procurement function to the overall performance of a business. He examines the problems of managing large enterprise costs in a siloed, departmental manner and discusses the competitive benefits of procurement at the Executive Table.

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How Innovative Supply Management Technologies Create Opportunity for CPOs

Produrement-OpportunityThis post on CPO Rising examines the opportunities that recent advances in procurement technology have given CIOs and CPOs. The post discusses the benefits of CPOs and procurement getting involved early in the evaluation of new software to positively impact performance in the longer term.

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How to Make Procurement as Easy as Grocery Shopping

Procurement-GroceriesWriting on Oracle’s blog, Rudy Lukez likens procurement processes to doing your weekly shop and how both activities can vary according to the individual and business. The article provides a 5 point checklist that will help you to build a more strategic relationship with your suppliers.

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3 Ways to Build a Match Fit Procurement Team

agile-procurementThis article on Procurious takes a look at the pace of change in the procurement industry and how it’s becoming increasingly important to create agile teams. The post examines 3 tips to help procurement be more agile, and plan for the future, rather than just looking to solve the immediate problems being faced.

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