30th December 2016

December 2016 Procurement Industry News

Carving Out a Niche in the Supply Market

carving-supply-chainThis post on Procurious discusses the relationship between large corporates and the smaller, niche businesses that supply them. In the not too distant past, large enterprises had been a closed shop to the smaller, niche suppliers but now they are being actively sought for their specialist skills.

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SRM: Five Leadership Challenges from David Atkinson

srm-leadership-challengesIn this article on Spend Matters, David Atkinson examines the challenges around implementing a successful SRM programme. He discusses a number of key principles which will help SRM professionals understand their priorities better, in order to better deliver on the organisations’ strategic objectives.

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Just Two Thirds of Firms Have Supply Chain Visibility

supply-chain-visibilityAndrew Allen, on Supply Management, examines the Supply Chain Resilience Report and the proportion of organisations that have experienced supply chain disruptions. With supply chain visibility remaining one of the biggest challenges to businesses, the report concludes that leadership input could significantly improve this.

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Federal Procurement: The Road Ahead Under Trump

procurement-trumpWith Donald Trump’s successful election campaign, this post on WashingtonTechnology examines the impact that his regulatory reform will have on purchasing professionals. Examining some of the possible policy reforms, they suggest that it could mean good news for the many government contractors.

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12 Resolutions for Procurement in 2017

better-procurement-2017With a New Year just around the corner, this post on BuzzFeed looks at opportunities for procurement to add value to their organisations in 2017.  From working more closely with HR, to being more proactive, these resolutions will help 2017 be your team’s best year yet.

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Women in Procurement – An International Survey

women-procurementThis post on Procurious, by John Everett, attempts to look at the involvement of women in the procurement industry. Using data from 22 Purchase Asssociations from around the world, with around 230,000 members between them, he slices and dices the data to provide some surprising insights into the gender imbalance.

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What We Have Learned in 2016 That Can Help With Better Procurement in 2017

procurement-resolutionsThis article on businesscostsaving.co.uk looks at some of the surprises that 2016 sprung upon us; from Leicester winning the Premier League to the unlikely political results of Brexit and Trump. The article discusses some of the unlikely measures that procurement could be judged upon, to make procurement a strategic asset in 2017.

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What Does it Mean to be “Strategic” in Supply Chain, Anyway?

stategic-supply-chainIn this blog post on 21st Century Supply Chain, Melissa Clow discusses how everyone is talking about the transformation of the supply chain and how it is becoming less tactical and more strategic. But what distinguishes strategy from tactics within the supply chain?

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