18th April 2017

April 2017 Procurement Industry News

Procurement Pay Rises Higher than Average But Gender Pay Gap Continues

Procurement-SalariesThis article on Supply Management, by Su-San Sit, examines procurement salaries in the UK, drawing on a survey of over 4,000 procurement professionals. Despite outperforming the UK average salary increase, a significant gender pay gap exists, especially at a senior level.

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Winners are Grinners: 3 Ingredients for Win-Win Supplier Relationships

Procurement-SuppliersThis insightful post discusses the 4 types of relationship that a typical supplier contract will fall into and examines the 3 key ingredients that will help establish and maintain a productive relationship. When both parties participate in the relationship building process it will benefit both parties.

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How AI, IoT and Blockchain will Shake Up Procurement and Supply Chains

Procurement-AIThis extensive piece on BriefingsDirect brings together the highlights from a recent podcast. The panel of procurement industry thought leaders discuss how they feel Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, The Internet of Things and Blockchain will revolutionise procurement and supply chain optimisation.

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Procurement Solutions Market Hot with Investment

procurement-investmentWriting on Forbes , Paul Martyn discusses the driving forces behind the increase in investment in the global procurement and supply chain solutions market. As well as improving financial health in an uncertain economic environment, businesses are attracted by the flexibility and predictive insights offered by procurement solutions.

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Tips for Capturing Long Term Success in Procurement Transformation

Procurement-TransformationThis post on Strategic Sourcerer, by Jennifer Ulrich, examines procurement evolution and how it goes hand-in-hand with procurement transformation. She discusses the many elements that are required to align in order to ensure a long term impact and highlights her specific key factors for success.

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Quality of Statements are Disappointing, Anti-Slavery Commissioner Tells CEOs

Supply-Chain-SlaveryFrancis Churchill, on Supply Management, discusses the Modern Slavery Act 2015 and the disappointing quality of the statements that UK organisations have posted, outlining how they propose to identify and tackle slavery in their supply-chains. And the blame is being placed firmly at the door of UK business leaders.

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Two Thirds of Procurement Teams Have no Digital Strategy

Digital-ProcurementIn this article by Andrew Allen, he discusses the surprising fact that over 80% of respondents to a recent survey believe that digital transformation will hugely change the way procurement services are delivered. However, he reveals that less than a third of procurement organisations have a digital strategy in place.

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Pepsi Ad: That’s What Happens When You Fire Your Procurement People

Pepsi-ProcurementThis post on Spend Matters, by Peter Smith, examines the fall-out from the recent, controversial Pepsi advert, where US celebrity Kendal Jenner appears to solve all the world’s problems by handing a can of Pepsi to a police officer. Could this epic fail be due to Pepsico recently firing the entire global marketing procurement team?

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