Provide a single cataloguing solution for all categories of expenditure, including complex goods and services which can’t be catalogued by existing procurement tools or supplier solutions.


Strengthen relationships with customers and gain competitive advantage through cutting edge transactional technology.

Connect a ProProcure Geneus marketplace to your P2P platform and turn your approved suppliers into strategic partners.

Unlock hidden value and sharpen your growth strategies by automating demand forecasting, order aggregation and comprehensive spend reporting. It’s that simple.

Geneus Core

Geneus Core

Enable your business users to transact through an eCatalogue from your preferred suppliers, improving spend visibility and process efficiency.
Geneus Engage

Geneus Engage

Forecast demand with pinpoint accuracy and automate order aggregation to achieve the lowest possible purchasing price.
Geneus CPQ

Geneus CPQ

Improve speed, accuracy and control with our guided buying process, when purchasing highly configurable items.